Why we are different?


Our beauty scrub is made entirely from food grade ingredients with no coffee, salt or sugar in sight!

Australian oats, corn & golden honey make up the bulk of our beauty scrub to give you an invigorating skin polish while blowing your mind with how different we are!

Born out of love for gorgeous natural skin that is smooth, soft to the touch and glowing Helena became creative in the kitchen in the early eighties and so was born our unique face and body scrub (just not named yet!).


Fast forward fifteen years and Helena now had a young daughter, Anita, (that’s me!) and I was now old enough to help make our deliciously natural beauty scrub. When I was about seven years old I started to help my mum by rolling fresh lemons under my feet to release their juices ready for fresh batches of our beauty scrub!


 Decades later we are both proud as punch to see a dream come to life in the name of Skinolicious! This beauty scrub helped me immensely when I suffered greatly from early acne breakouts. I feel completely dedicated to sharing our natural and unique exfoliant to everyone so you too can achieve the skin you have always wanted!

We believe natural skincare is best. Our beauty scrub contains only natural ingredients which are 100% biodegradable – NO plastic micro beads insight!- So we do our part to keep the integrity of our planet intact. We do not test on animals – only ourselves!- I am a born and bred West Australian & Skinolicious is proudly made in Perth, WA.


I am always open for a chat so pop me an email or find us on social media if you have any questions you would like to ask me!

Read our Ingredients Glossary for more information about what makes our beauty scrub so unique!