Exercise. It’s the one word which can have so many amazing benefits for our bodies. Aside from the obvious weight loss and striking body sculpting, exercise has major benefits for our skin.


Being the largest organ in our bodies taking care of our skin is vitally important for it’s function and our appearance!

Many basic skin conditions which bother so many of us such as a dull complexion and mild blemishes can be fixed or at least greatly improved by simply pumping our arms and legs and getting our heart rate going!


One boost regular exercise gives to us is the increase in circulation to the skins surface. This translates to more blood flowing around our bodies which equals more oxygen and nutrients being delivered to the skins cells as well as an increase in waste product removal.  Exercise also helps prevents cell death and helps to decrease the stress hormone cortisol’s levels by the release of natural endorphins which our bodies produce while we are exercising, this alone helps to improve dull skin and improve pimples. This release of endorphins tells us that our bodies genuinely love to exercise even if our minds don’t particularly feel like it!


And as a bonus you get to rock that rosy cheek glow!


Another affect routine exercise has on our skins health is in the removal of ‘Advanced Glycation End products’ (A.G.E). These harmful compounds are formed within our body when proteins or fat combine with sugar in the bloodstream, a process called glycation.


When these destructive compounds build up in our bodies they have a detrimental effect on almost all levels of our biology and contribute to serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and premature ageing!


For the purpose of this article the involvement of A.G.E’s in premature ageing is what concerns us. A.G.E’s damage blood vessels which inhibits the skins repair mechanisms but these compounds also inhibit collagen and elastin production contributing heavily to the dreaded wrinkles and crinkly skin. The good news? Exercising stops these compounds from building up to levels where they become destructive and hence slowing down the ageing process!


So the moral of the story is to exercise. Daily. If you can. Indoors preferably, to reduce your exposure to harmful pollutants and damaging UV rays. Combined with a natural skin care product free from chemicals (hint, hint) you can be a glowing goddess in no time!



Keep happy & healthy

Anita x


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