Why oats and corn?

Because they are all natural and they work! Oats love your skin and your skin loves oats, it’s that simple! Oats sooth inflammation and soften your skin, while corn acts as our 100% natural environmentally friendly exfoliant, smoothing out any unwanted skin bumps.

How do I use Skinolicious scrub?

Once your skin has been wet thoroughly, tear open our Skinolicious sachet and squeeze out your desired amount of scrub and massage it onto your wet skin, avoiding sensitive areas. Focus on areas of your body you want to see improvements. Wash away and pat dry, and feel how soft your skin is!

How do I store Skinolicious scrub?

Our unique face and body scrub can sit at room temperature (<25 degrees Celsius) for several months. If you do not use all of your Skinolicious sachets straight away store them in the freezer to extend the shelf life for up to 12 months. Our unique product won’t freeze solid, so its instantly usable straight from your freezer!

Will Skinolicious scrub go off?

Yes! Why? Because it’s all natural! Our unique face and body scrub will keep at room temperature for several months after this time freezer storage will generate a shelf life of 12 months of perfectly fresh delicious Skinolicious scrub!

What about opened sachets?

Once opened our scrub can sit at room temperature for up to 14 days,  after this time discard.

How long will a packet last?

Depending on what parts of your body you need to scrub and how often, our 14 sachets should last you about 1 to 2 months.

How often should I scrub?

Depending on your skins needs, about 2-3 times per week is a good amount of skin loving to see visible smoother, more supple and clear delicious skin.

Why individual sachets?

Aren’t they cute!? Portion controlled, reduce mess and convenience. It’s all part of how unique we are!

Redeeming a code

Because everyone loves a bargain! Keep an eye out for our promos *hint, hint Instagram, facebook, blog!* Once you check out, enter code and see our love to you light up!


It’s free to all of our Australian customers! For more info check out our shipping page.

What if a reaction occurs?

Skinolicious scrub is made entirely from food grade ingredients. So a reaction (think itchy skin or swelling) is unlikely but everyone and every skin type is different. If you do feel like a reaction has occurred, rinse thoroughly with warm water, stop use and consult your local medical professional.