Breaking out lately? Or do you notice when life is being challenging, your skin challenges you to show your best face? If you do, your body maybe over loading with stress.


Reduce the stress and reduce or totally forbid the blemishes!


A new branch of medicine called ‘Psychodermatology’ (much respect!) is unlocking the relationship between your emotional state and the condition of your skin.


Several minutes a day of meditation is enough to increase serotonin (your mood balancing hormone) levels in your brain, helping to improve your mood causing you to better look after yourself and make better choices. Blood oxygen levels also increase which help to oxygenate your skin boosting cellular health and even decreasing wrinkles!


Now this doesn’t mean you have to get into the lotus position and channel your inner zen! But taking 5 minutes a day to just ‘chill’ will give your body the time it needs to regroup! This sense of calmness brought upon the body when meditating helps to address the underlying cause of some kinds of skin conditions.


So give yourself that 5 minutes a day to help bring your best face forward and when you use a skin loving product like our Original beauty scrub, your skin will be the envy of everyone in the room! ­čÖé


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I used this product for the first time today after I was offered a trial sachet by a work colleague. I am absolutely 100% in love with this product. I have passed on some to both my daughters to try. One has severe acne and the other developed ongoing extreme sensitive skin due to previous pregnancy condition. Im confident they too will be 100% on board with using this product. Well done. Im sure you will be a big success as it is a fabulous product. I will definately be a regular customer. ­čśä

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