The Who, What, When, Where and the Why?

When thinking about what to write for our first blog, it was obvious. Let’s write about us! We’ve got an amazing product, were new to the market and we have big plans… let’s go!

The name Skinolicious was born 6 and a half years ago. Our product was born 30+ years ago! A product this great should be shared for everyone to love and so we sit here today! Based in quaint ‘little’ Perth, Western Australia, creativity peaks and ideas flow from the Skinolicious team just like the raw golden honey overflowing from our beauty scrub!

After lots of trial and error we are here today, tomorrow and the day after to give everyone delicious skin! Naturally and uniquely!

And the most important part of this first blog? The Why?

Our scrub is amazingly different! When great minds get together anything is possible! We realised over the years that the perfect combination of natural ingredients in our scrub did wonders on blemishes on our skin and had a big impact on cellulite and drastically improved our skin tone.

This beauty scrub literally transforms our skin and the best part? It’s natural! And different! No chemicals, no nasties.

We put a cheeky twist on it too, because everyone likes a bit of pizzaz right?


So that’s the Who, What, When, Where and the Why about the newest girl on the block!


So what are you waiting for? Get delicious baby!! ­čśŤ


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